Best Merrell Shoes Review: 10 Top Quality Shoes for You (2018)
When it has to do with outdoor footwear, Merrell is one of the leading shoe brands. They are known to produce and design shoes that work quite well for hiking, running as well as casual purposes. In fact, its broad range of women’s, men’s and kids’ footwear have gotten numerous recognition and awards over the past years. Merrell has been in focus with well-known track and trail shoes as well as accessories under the umbrella of their brand. This has been on since 1981.
Regardless of if you are a newbie or an experienced outdoor expert who enjoys having adventures outdoors, you would not be disappointed by the Merrell running shoes. Each pair aims to provide the ideal balance between protection as well as comfort.
If you desire to take advantage of the Merrell outdoor shoes and enjoy the numerous benefits they offer, below is a selection of some of their top picks which would aid in doing just that. We shall be taking an extensive look at these shoes as well as the major features and benefits you stand to gain.

Top Merrell Shoes

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

There are lots of shoes on the market which have a great feel on your feet as soon as you put them on out of the box. With this Men’s Moab Ventilator, you enjoy a great experience while hiking outdoors.

The Men’s Moab Ventilator is made of leather which is attractive to any buyer and an upper designed using a mesh material. This mesh is responsible for the breathability of the shoe which in turn ensures that your feet stay dry.Some features of this shoe are also responsible for its excellent quality on long trips. 

With the rubber toe bumpers, you don’t need to worry about your toes getting hurt while hiking. The toe remains constantly protected. The shoe also absorbs shock through the use of Air Cushion in the soles. For the best support and cushioning effect, the foot frame comes as a compression molded EVA foot frame.


  • Shoe is made from a Leather Mesh material
  • The outsole is a Vibram Multi-Sport TC5+ rubber
  • Vibram material used in making the sole
  • Midsole is AirCushion
  • It has a rubber toe bumper
  • The leather is water-resistant
  • A heel counter and a mesh upper
  • The foot frame is EVA which is Compression-molded

  • Ensures dryness of the feet
  • Protection for the toe with toe bumpers made from rubber
  • Offers stability and support
  • It is light and flexible
  • Great breathability

  • Reduced performance in wet conditions
  • Uncomfortable when used for long trips
Zonal arch, additional heel support, as well as an M Select FIT.ECO, there are so many reasons to make you love this shoe. The toe bumpers are a great addition which can ensure your toes are well protected when on a trail. I suggest this if you want the best protection on any terrain.

Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Durability and breathability are two features which go a long way in the selection of a hiking shoe. With the Merrell Moab Ventilator, you get both of these features since it uses leather and fabric in its design and construction. Availability in up to three colors also makes it a popular choice.
For a long-lasting undersurface, Vibram is used and this material is also responsible in part for the great traction on the shoe due to its tread pattern which offers a lot of grip. Comfort while wearing the shoe is also assured as the tongue and the collar have a cushion.
With its fast-drying body, it is no wonder that everyone wants to find out the details. The shoe is designed to get below the ankle without any hassle. For the best support to your feet, you get an Ortholite footbed.

  • The sole is manufactured using a Vibram material
  • Body of the shoe is made from a combination of fabric and leather
  • The footbed is Ortholite
  • Comfortable collar and tongue with great padding
  • Mesh panels to offer great breathability
  • The shoe is low
  • Up to three different colors including Boulder/Blush, Bungee Cord, and Grey/Periwinkle

  • It is great for use on any terrain of your choice
  • Improved breathability
  • Prevents the feet from getting wet
  • It is attractive and also long-lasting
  • Water dries fast from the shoe
  • It has an excellent and comfortable construction

  • The size of the shoe is small
  • You need to wear the shoe a while before it fits you comfortably
There are lots of attractive shoes which give up quality for design. If you are in search of one that does not, I recommend the Merrell Women’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe as this shoe is not only attractive, it is also durable, waterproof, and useful in any terrain you decide to visit.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

With lots of people dealing with a lot of long-distance hiking situations, it is best you buy a shoe that can soothe the sores on your feet. The Encore Gust is one of the shoes that produce this extremely rare occurrence. An Air-Cushion heel, Ortholite footbed, padded collar, as well as the M Select GRIP work together to give the best effect on the environment.

The slip-on is also great since it is easy to wear and ensures you are out of the house in no time. There are so many other little features which make up this high-quality design from Merrell. This includes the compression molded EVA footframe, rubber outsoles and a full grain leather material.


  • It has a sole which uses the M Select GRIP sole
  • The heel uses an AirCushion heel for improvement in stability
  • Material used in making the shoe is a Full grain leather
  • Excellent for a measurement of legs up to 2 inches
  • Feet are kept dry by the breathable mesh lining. Outsole made from rubber ensures that you go a long distance before you sleep
  • The footbed is made from Ortholite
  • Compression Molded EVA footframe

  • Collars are well padded for comfort
  • The footbed is Ortholite
  • Comfortable heels designed with AirCushion
  • The sole is an M select GRIP

  • There is not much padding on the insole
  • The size indication does not properly match the feet
A slip-on shoe for men, this shoe is easy to wear and also gives the opportunity of going long distances without sores on the feet. I suggest this if you want a shoe you can slip on with ease without any hassles.

Merrell Women’s Encore Ice Slip-On

Slip-on shoes have become quite fashionable due to their ease of use. With the Women’s Encore Ice Slip-on Shoe by Merrell, you enjoy comfort as high-quality performance while using the shoes. The warmth and moisture control on this shoe is achieved using a footbed made from wool fleece.

The M Select Grip on the outsole provides a better means of traction from the shoes. Keeping your feet warm during the winter periods is vital. With a sheepskin lining and the footbed made from wool fleece, you can keep your feet warm.

Merrell Women’s Encore has a heel which measures about 1.75 inches. This slip-on shoe is great since it has a sole with Air Cushion while it remains lightweight for comfort and durable to ensure that you save your money in the future.


  • It is durable and also lightweight
  • Provides warmth due to the use of a footbed made from wool fleece
  • The upper uses a nubuck leather material
  • Extra grip with the outsole made from Encore 2 Sticky
  • To make it more stable and shock absorbent, the heels have Merrell air cushioning
  • A sheepskin lining and midsoles made of Merrell QForm™ Comfort EVA
  • Traction on the outsole is enhanced with the M-Select™ GRIP technology

  • The shoes are warm and comfortable
  • Slip on shoes can be worn in a rush
  • The shoes are made from a very durable material

  • The most noticeable con is how small the shoe is in reality
  • The cost of the shoe is high
  • The leather material retains water stains
The most impressive usefulness of a slip-on shoe is how fast you can get ready when you use them. If you are someone who often enjoys sleeping past your alarm, I suggest you choose one of these especially if you are always in a rush to leave your home.

Merrell Moab Rover Men’s Casual Shoes

The Moab Rover for men is a great choice for anyone in search of a shoe with versatility. In addition to being suited to any terrain of your choice, it can also be used in any weather condition. Simply knowing that it is waterproof assures you of an enjoyable hike during winter or rainy days. There is nothing more annoying than having a stinky foot after taking off your shoes.

The Merrell Men’s Moab Rover uses M Select Fresh to treat the Mesh Lining. This is a natural way to prevent odor from building up inside the shoe. When the weather is rainy or wet, drying your shoes in the sun will be impossible.

As a hiking shoe, the sole of the shoe makes it possible for use in rugged and uneven grounds. It also offers great breathability with the use of textile which lets the circulation of air go smoothly. For a more comfortable feel when taking a hike or strolling, there are flex grooves on the outsole for the best performance.


  • It uses a synthetic sole
  • The body of the shoe is made from textile and leather
  • It is waterproof
  • Flex grooves on the sole
  • Mesh Lining with M Select FRESH
  • Suitable for any weather

  • It is great for both uphill and downhill hikes
  • Shoes don’t accumulate odor
  • The waterproof feature is great
  • Can be used in any weather and terrain

  • The shoe is heavy when worn
A shoe which is meant for hiking but also meets the conditions for a hiking shoe is excellent to wear. It doesn’t matter if you are climbing or coming down, there is a lot of grip on the shoe and you can be sure it won’t be left with any odor after each use.

Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Trail Runner

The Glove 4 Trail Runner is one of the most all-rounded and appealing shoes for the minimalist. This shoe was produced after numerous advancements in technology. It is the 4th edition and it provides an elevated protection and cushioning than previous editions and a host of other brands.

The Outsole is constructed with Vibram Outsole TC1 which provides it whit excellent grip and enhanced flexibility for running efficiently. The most observable change in this shoe in comparison to other editions is the weight. This has been taken down to 15 percent. This is as a result of the rubber material used in the construction of the outsole which ensures it is abrasion resistant and very lightweight.

Additionally, there is a trail protection pad situated between the outsole and midsole which offers your feet protection against uneven surfaces as well as sharp objects.


  • It has a Vibram sole for extra grip
  • It is constructed using Mesh, TPU material
  • It sports a trail protect pad which offers protection for feet
  • The insole consists of 3mm lugs
  • It comes with a breathable mesh lining for extra foot comfort

  • It provides increased protection in comparison to other shoes
  • It is appealing and very stylish
  • The shoe can be used for running either long or short distances
  • The tongue added to the shoe provides enhanced fit and comfort
  • It can also serve as a casual shoe because of its lightweight

  • The mesh wears off after a while because it is quite thin
This is a slip resistant shoe which allows you to hop, jump and control yourself with ease. Additionally, the Trail Glove 4 does not ignore style even though it has very high quality making it a great choice for those who are in search of something that provides adequate control but does not lower the standards of style.

Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

The Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On is a shoe of very high quality that can withstand all the stress from outdoor activities. It is ideal for exploring, moving or just spending a little time in nature.

The shoe is constructed using pig suede leather which is weather resistant and this ensures it can be utilized in any form of weather condition. It comes with an air cushion which is padded. This cushion is located in the midsole and provides extra comfort and support for the feet.

The price of the shoe is another great aspect as it shows the high-quality materials used in producing this shoe. You can be certain that you are getting value for your money after purchasing this shoe as it can last for a long period of time before needing replacement.


  • It is constructed using suede leather
  • It has a lug depth of 3mm
  • The sole is rubber which ensures great grip
  • It has breathable mesh lining and an air cushion midsole
  • Shock is absorbed with the aid of the Merrell air cushion found in the heel
  • It comes with water and stain resistant upper

  • It is made from waterproof leather
  • It is very durable
  • It can be slipped on/off with ease
  • Provides remarkable comfort to the feet

  • The Arch support may be too elevated for some users
  • There is sole separation behind the shoe
This is one of the most durable shoes you can find on the market today. The athletic and trim design makes it a remarkable choice for individuals who are very adventurous.

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-On

This is another great shoe from Merrell. The Merrell women’s Jungle Moc slip-on is slip resistant and is completely waterproof. It can be cleaned with ease which makes it ideal for a host of activities outdoor.

The Shoes come with a cushioned insole and this provides peak comfort for the feet even if the shoe is worn for very long hours of time. Additionally, the distinct air cushion located in the heel offers stability even while taking very hectic walks. This makes it great for use on uneven terrains without hassles.

The outsole is produced using non-grip rubber which ensures it is slip resistant. You can partake in activities without being worried about slipping and losing a tooth. The rubber material is also non-marking and this ensures the shoe provides long time wear before requiring change.


  • It is constructed using textile and leather materials
  • Comes with a rubber sole for more grip
  • It sports a lining which is Aegis antimicrobial treated
  • It has a Merrell Air cushion heel
  • It is comfortable, casual and simple

  • The cushions provide extra comfort for the feet
  • It is waterproof
  • The shoe is slip resistant because of the rubber sole
  • It can serve as a casual shoe as well

  • There have been some complaints from customers about sizes not being consistent
For individuals in search of a shoe which is versatile, and can be used for exploring, working or just a normal trip around your immediate environment, then I recommend the Merrell women’s Jungle Moc slip-on as it is certain to provide you with all these.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Slip-On Shoe

This jungle Moc from Merrell sports an easy to slip on construction created with the comfort of the wearer in mind. This is with the aid of the Compression molded EVA midsole and foot frame. With these, users can utilize these boots for love hours without feeling any sort of discomfort.

It also sports a molded nylon arch shank which offers support and allows for the flexibility of the forefoot making it ideal for rigorous running and working. The heel sports an air cushion which aids in absorbing shock and enhancing stability making the shoe great even in uneven and bumpy terrains.

The Nubuck leather used in the construction of this shoes provide it with an appealing look and for resistance against odor, the lining has been given treatment using Aegis solution. The shoe also has a very wide with which makes it ideal for individuals who have large feet.


  • Made from leather materials
  • Comes with a rubber sole which offers added grip
  • It comes with a breathable lining which is odor-resistant
  • It has an air cushion heel which aids in absorbing shock
  • It sports a very durable M-Select Grip traction outsole
  • Features a pull-on style alongside contrast webbing lobe and insert goring wedges

  • It is made from durable leather
  • The boot is non-slip
  • It has an odor resistant lining which prevents bad odor
  • Supports wide feet due to its wide width
  • It offers high level of comfort to the feet

  • A little narrow
The Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Slip-on Shoe offers a host of features which makes it really worth the purchase. The cushion heel which absorbs external impacts, as well as the odour-resistant lining, makes it a great shoe to wear for long hours on a very bumpy terrain. Also, if you happen to have issues getting shoes that fit you, then I recommend these shoes as you would have no issue because this was created with individuals like that in mind.

Merrell Women’s Terran Post II Sandal

The Merrell Terran Post II Sandals comes in appealing colors most women would find irresistible. It comes in a nubuck leather upper alongside a secure toe loop to ensure no discomfort comes to the toe during wear.

The air cushioned heel ensure stability as it aids in absorbing all the shock an impact that may arise during use. For ease in putting on and taking off, it sports a lycra neoprene stretch collar Additionally, it sports a breathable mesh liner which provides added comfort for the feet even after long periods of use.

The Merrell sandals also sport a memory foam footbed which aids in battling fatigue of the foot. For arch support, the slides feature a molded nylon arch shank making it ideal even for casual wear.


  • Constructed of leather
  • It comes with an upper made of Nubuck leather
  • It has a breathable Mesh lining
  • The remember me foam footbed aids in cradling the feet to ensure comfort all day long
  • It comes with a Merrell air cushion located in the heel which aids in adding stability and absorbing shock
  • It sports a Microfiber soft footbed

  • Offers remarkable arc support
  • Comes in appealing color choices
  • They stay in place and don’t slip around on your foot
  • The shoe comes with cushioned heels which aid in absorbing impact

  • There have been complaints about the suede material used in the bottom part as it prevents a better grip
The Terran Post II slide is constructed for sticky and hot situations. Its breathable mesh lining and Nubuck leather upper will ensure your feet are kept cool at all times. With the aid of the microfiber soft footbed which aids in creating the foot for comfort, you can be certain of stability and comfort with these sandals in various environments.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Merrell shoes good for your feet? Yes, Merrell shoes are good for your feet as the shoes offer comfort and fit right out of the box. There is also a custom fit system through which the wearer can adjust the width in case the shoe is too loose or too tight on the feet.
Are these shoes slip resistant? Merrell shoes are slip resistant shoes. Why? This is simply because of the heel brakes on the shoes. A heel brake is an area of the heel which is raised. By using the natural strength of the toe and the feet, you can eliminate the probability of slipping while hiking.
How good are Merrell shoes for hiking? Merrell shoes are good for going on hiking trips. The shoes come in a Low cut or mid cut option, Vibram lug outsoles, and it has waterproof linings. One key feature which you find on only Merrell shoes is the Air Cushion. This is an area of the shoe which improves the stability of the shoe and also helps in absorbing shock making it a great option for hiking.
Why are Merrell shoes so expensive? When you go for quality, you can expect to pay a good price. Merrell shoes provide comfort, stability, and good fit. The materials of the shoes are also of high-quality and excellent construction.
Where to buy Merrell shoes? There are lots of online stores to get Merrell shoes for purchase. One of the popular choices is the Amazon online store. This is because they ship all over the world and accept most payment options.
The Shoes reviewed above are top picks from the numerous options produced by Merrell. Regardless of what your requirements are, I suggest you take a look into any of these as they are bound to meet your requirements. You can also rest assured that you are getting value for every penny spent and stand to enjoy your purchase for a long time to come. So what else are you waiting for? Get your best Merrell shoe today.