Best Bates Boots Reviews – The Ultimate Guide (2018)

In recent times, federal agents, civil servants, the military, and other uniformed personnel have chosen Bates boots as their footwear brand. This is because of the advanced technologies they use in design like the Durashocks and the ICS system. With these technologies to improve support and eliminate fatigue, these boots are excellent for tactical operation performance as well as protection.
Here, we have given a list of our best selection of Bates boots. This is for anyone who wishes to make the most of the benefits these boots offer.

Top Bates Boots Review

Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sports Side-Zip Boot

The Bates Ultra-Lites boot features great qualities which make it excellent for use while walking on the streets or if you decide to go on a mountain trail. The Velcro zipper strap, as well as the Nylon side zippers, make it easy to adjust the boots for better fit and comfort.
Additional features like the safety toes offer extra protection for your toes while the footbed comes with absorbing pads to ensure your feet remain dry. The outsole of the shoes is made from a long-lasting material which is slip resistant.
The design of the boots also makes it an excellent selection for casual outings and for rough terrains. With an 8 inches zipper which adds to the beauty of the boots, it is appealing to lots of people by combining to the high-top design of the shoe.

  • 8 inches long slide zipper
  • The sole is slip resistant
  • Absorbing pads in footbed to keep your feet dry
  • Soft insole with cushioning and also replaceable
  • It is flexible and lightweight
  • Safety toe for additional protection
  • Made from a leather and nylon fabric material
  • It is a high-top shoe

  • The boot is quite comfortable
  • Your feet remain dry while wearing the boot
  • Outsole prevent slipping
  • It is light on the feet
  • The insert can be removed and changed

  • The boot is not waterproof
  • The rubber sole has a foam which is not very durable
As a lightweight boot, having an additional safety toe for protection eliminates any worry that you may have when going outdoors in a rocky environment. I recommend this boot if you will also be working with machines as it is sure to remain comfortable all through the day.

Bates Men’s GX-8 Comp Toe Side Zip Work Boot

As a work boot, there are lots of features to make this boot comfortable during working hours. The first is an EVA insole which comes with additional padding to make it comfortable for any on putting on the boots. Another feature is the nylon side zipper. This zipper makes it easy for you to put on or take off the boots when in a rush especially when starting or closing your shift.

To make sure it is suitable for different working conditions, the boot is made from a waterproof leather material. This ensures that your feet do not get wet while working in various weather conditions. It also features a rubber outsole which is slip resistant. The outsole also has improved traction making it easier to use in rough terrains.
There is also a padded collar and a ribbing at the side of this mixed-media lace-up boot.


  • It is made with a synthetic sole
  • Uses a leather and fabric material
  • There is a medial-side zipper
  • An EVA insole with padding
  • The side zipper is made from nylon to make it easy to wear and take off
  • Its leather material is waterproof
  • Traction is improved with a rubber outsole
  • It is a mixed media lace-up boot

  • It is a waterproof boot
  • The shoes are comfortable thanks to the EVA insole with cushioning
  • It is easy to wear and take-off with a Nylon Side Zipper
  • The outsole is slip resistant

  • You may not find your size if your feet are wide
  • The size of the shoe is smaller than standard shoe sizes
As long as you remember to go for a size one step higher than your original size, you can get the best out of this boot. If you are in search of a versatile boot, I recommend you try this slip-resistant, lightweight, and waterproof boot is great for any outdoor condition.

Bates Men’s GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot

This boot is made using a leather material on the body and a nylon upper. This leather is of high-quality and it is waterproof. Adding a GORE-TEX which ensures that there is no water to get your feet wet, the boot is suitable for use in areas with a harsh weather condition.

Breathability is also assured with the leather body material while the nylon upper also provides the same. The EVA midsoles make it comfortable for use in rough and uneven terrains. The midsoles a shock-absorbent to protect your body and for comfort. The inserts are also cushioned for extra comfort and can be removed if necessary.

Excellent quality outsoles are important if you want to go outdoors comfortably and with rest of mind. The outsoles on this boot are made from a rubber material and is also a slip-resistant material. This lets you go on walks without fear of falling from slips. The absence of any material which is made from metal on the boots make them a great choice when you will be needing to go through security posts.


  • The upper is made of nylon and leather which is waterproof
  • The outsole is rubber and also resistant to slip
  • It has a rubber sole
  • Made with a cement construction
  • An EVA midsole
  • It is made from leather

  • It has excellent breathability
  • To make it suitable for use, the outsoles are anti-slip
  • It is water resistant
  • The insert is removable and have great padding
  • The boots are made of High-quality

  • Insert may get missing and need to be replaced
Waterproof leather, anti-slip outsoles, padded midsoles, and more, there are lots of features which make this boot great. Without any metal material, security checkpoints become less troublesome to pass through.

Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX Side-Zip Insulated Waterproof Boot

Bates® Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX® 8″ Side Zip Boots are great when going for outdoor activities thanks to a Xtreme rubber outsole which makes it slip resistant. It is also a waterproof boot featuring a GORE-TEX membrane.

The boot is designed using a nylon upper and full grain leather. For maximum comfort while using the boots, the midsole is a molded EVA which is capable of absorbing shocks. The insole can also be removed to ensure you are very comfortable.

To prevent harassment and delays at security points, the boots are designed using non-metallic materials so you do not have to worry about being stopped. To make taking off and wearing the boot easy and fast, there is a hook-and-loop strap in addition to a YKK side-zipper.
With the flexibility and the lightweight of the boots, it will not slow you down or tire you out while outdoors.


  • It is durable and also lightweight
  • Provides warmth due to the use of a footbed made from wool fleece
  • The upper uses a nubuck leather material
  • Extra grip with the outsole made from Encore 2 Sticky
  • To make it more stable and shock absorbent, the heels have Merrell air cushioning
  • A sheepskin lining and midsoles made of Merrell QForm™ Comfort EVA
  • Traction on the outsole is enhanced with the M-Select™ GRIP technology

  • Easy means of wearing and taking it off using the side zip rather than laces
  • It is warm in cold temperatures and still offers acceptable temperatures during warmer periods
  • Boots are comfortable for use as soon as they arrive

  • Using the side zipper can catch the skin which leads to intense pain
This boot is lightweight for maximum comfort with a GORE-TEX material to make it waterproof. With the paddings around the boot and a 200g Thinsulate, your feet are kept warm when using in cold conditions.

Bates Women’s Code 6 Lightweight Tactical Boot

One of the few boots for women on this list, the Bates Footwear Code 6 Women’s 8″ Tactical Boot is an excellent pick for any woman regardless of the location where it is going to be worn. It has a lot of great features and as a tactical boot, it is lightweight, breathable, and durable.
To make it last a longer period of use, there is a neoprene hoodie which protects the YKK side zipper on the shoe. This nylon zipper makes it possible to remove and wear the boots very fast if you are short on time. The boot itself is made from a leather material while it has a nylon upper. For enhanced durability and strength, the design of the boot uses TPU for enhancement.
Other features are the padded collar, vapor mesh tongue which aids ventilation and improves breathability, as well as a V-Fit comfort lacing system. The outsole of the boot is made of rubber which is resistant to slip. The boots also have the ability to keep your feet dry at all times and an external shank provides additional stability.

  • The circumference can be adjusted
  • Rubber outsoles which are slip resistant
  • Uses leather in design of the body
  • Protection for the YKK zipper for a long-lasting use
  • A vapor mesh
  • V-Fit comfort lacing system
  • Improved stability form an external shank
  • It is lightweight and durable

  • The durability and strength is improved by using a TCU enhanced design
  • The collar comes with padding for comfort
  • Suitable for different conditions and terrains
  • YKK zippers for easy slip on and take off
  • Improved ventilation with vapor mesh tongue

  • Care needs to be taken when using zippers to avoid harm
This boot offers great quality for women and also features better ventilation in the interior. It is lightweight and also has an external shank which makes it more stable.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Bates shoes slip resistant?

The boots are slip resistant. They are made from rubber outsoles with patterns to improve the traction of the boots.

Where to buy these boots?

In addition to walk-in stores and other online stores, Amazon remains a favored choice to get these shoes. This is because of the safety of your money and purchase.

Are they good for hiking?

The boots are good for hiking since they are water resistant and have the great traction of the soles. The only issue may be the durability in hiking conditions.

Wrapping it up
Nobody wants to be left with an uncomfortable boot. If you are in search of Bates boots that can be worn for long hours without causing issues to the feet and are slip resistant as well as waterproof, then I recommend any of the boots listed above as they are definitely bound to suit your requirements.